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This CHicago escorts FAQ

Please make sure to read through all of the details to learn about etiquette expectations & more helpful tips. Needless to say, good manners are attractive.


I am always excited to meet new people. Whether this will be your first entry into this world (welcome!) or you have met another companion, rest assured our time together will result in special memories. Please review my website in entirety prior to sending your inquiry

Since my schedule is limited, submitting your inquiry in advance is strongly recommended. I recommend date requests to be made at least a week in advance. As screening is both mandatory and non-negotiable, please be a gentleman and complete the booking form in full (this includes providing the required documents, when requested). My booking form can be found HERE. Your cooperation will make the verification process an easy one for both sides.

P.S. My favorite part of receiving an inquiry is reading your introduction. As Madison Winter reminds us, this is a date, after all!

As always, all email communications should be professional. Please refrain from explicit language at all times.


Nervous about reaching out? Don’t worry, I am happy to see kind people of all backgrounds and body shapes.The only thing I discriminate against is attitude!


I am so glad you are returning to connect again! You are welcome to connect via email directly to plan our next adventure: bellebelmonte@protonmail.com. Please include your preferred date or days, times, and location. I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


Have an idea for a fun date that doesn’t fit the timeframes I have listed? For particularly fun date activities, I happy to curate a custom timeframe to fit for existing friends. When you email me your request with the date, location and activity details, let me know what you think the ideal timeline would be and I’ll let you know my comparable timeframe preferences.

The Golden Rule

Respect and good etiquette are paramount. I believe being kind is a virtue. I appreciate people who embody this and make me feel considered and appreciated.

Basic etiquette includes discretion, manners and good hygiene – this is a mutual expectation. If you want to feel extra prepared, this article on hygiene highlights the important details to consider.

Beyond the basics, I love when we can share openly about wants and desires, this enables us to build a genuine connection. In addition to sharing desires, I also encourage the sharing of boundaries, which will be mutually respected.

I am attracted to a wide range of individuals. As a true bisexual, I welcome dates with men *and* women.. Speaking of women, I LOVE duos – best of both worlds! If a party of three is also your cup of tea,  you’ll definitely want to check out my girlfriends page 😉 I also love connecting with couples. Please reference my investment section as an extra fee will apply for couples.

Communication is fundamental to a beautiful connection. I want to hear all about what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about. Establishing boundaries is also essential. These discussions are best left to when we meet or when we have established a rapport via text message. Check out this article by one of my beautiful girlfriends, Parker Westwood. From me, you can expect kind, discreet and straightforward communications; I expect nothing less than the same in turn.

Tipping is never expected but always sexy. It is however, a surefire way of getting on my favorites list!

Gifts are a great way to show affection and appreciation. Don’t want to show up empty-handed? Whole coffee beans, cat toys and candles are great go-tos. Want to send a special something to show me you are thinking of me, or just feel like making my day? Check out my Wishlist for gift ideas.

I’d be happy to meet you at my private location or to meet you at your hotel. My place is located near the Loop, and I am always happy to host. If you are inviting me to meet you at your hotel, please book accommodations of four stars or more; also note that a travel stipend may be requested.

I like to dress for style and comfort. My style is feminine and casual. My social media will give you a great idea of what I like to wear. I particularly love wearing skirts and dresses for dates. When I am picking an outfit for our date, I make sure to choose something that compliments my figure and fits whatever activities we have planned. If we are heading out to dinner for a tasting menu, I often lean more formal. If our plans involve something active, I don my favorite athleisure. If I anticipate us walking through the city, I will make sure to wear shoes I can walk comfortably in. 

I enjoy thoughtful outfit requests. I would love to know what you’d be most excited to see me wearing! If yoga pants are your favorite, I would be very excited to wear my favorite pair for our plans. I always appreciate when the request is considerate of weather and comfort. For example, I’m not a fan of wearing heels while walking around, but I would be more than happy to slide some on when I’m not on my feet 😉 I also appreciate outfit suggestions, such as to “dress casually” or “I would really enjoy seeing you all dress up”. Similarly, if there’s a particular lingerie set you love, that I’ve posted pictures in, I definitely want to wear it! Occasionally, specific requests may not be able to be honored. 


I do not participate in reviews. I know that reflection through writing can be valuable, so I would be very happy to receive your feedback directly; however, I respectfully request you refrain from any public discussion of our date. Along with that, I request that you not discuss the specific details of our date in conversation with others not involved. A lady wouldn’t kiss and tell, nor should a gentleman.


I am always happy to be a reference to another wonderful lady for you, provided we have seen each other within the last six months. For your discretion, I request that you let me know that you’ll be using me as a reference, via email at bellebelmonte@protonmail.com


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