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Let’s share an amazing experience! I used to think that a first date was my favorite part of a new relationship. I’ve always found the potential-filled nervous excitement of meeting a new suitor to be intoxicating. 

While I still absolutely adore first dates, the part of a new dalliance that brings me the most joy is the relationship building; getting to know each other better, connecting and bonding over fun shared experiences.

Nothing brings me more joy, than finding a fun experience that we are both excited about sharing. It’s incredible to find mutual interests and hobbies. There is nothing more enriching to life than shared experiences like these. After all, a fun activity just isn’t the same without someone to share it with.  

Interestingly enough, the concept of shared experiences and socializing has been found to increase happiness, when studied.

As a woman of science, knowing there is research that supports positive benefits to the things I enjoy, allows me to enjoy the activity even more (cue list of scientific benefits from having sex).

In the spirit of this pleasure, I have put together some ideas for experiences we can share together. Activities that range from extremely relaxing to breathtakingly adventurous.

Don’t see something that calls out to you? I’m always open to trying something new, I would be delighted to try an activity that I haven’t thought of. I would love to experience the thing that makes you happy. I truly love being shown new places by a person who has explored and enjoyed them. It would be wonderful to be introduced to your favorite places in the city.

So, let’s make a fun memory doing something exciting together! Request a reservation here.

Chicago Date IDeas

Chicago Date Ideas

Chicago is always hustling and bustling, events, concerts and festivals happen all the time. Have a girl already in love with Chicago escort you around the city. The special events below would make unique and delightful experiences to share. While the links below are Chicago specific, the desires behind them translate well to different destinations.

Chicago Architecture Tour

Art Institute of Chicago
Show me your favorite exhibit, and tell me all about what makes it your favorite!

AIRE Ancient Baths
A relaxing and romantic date for two, the “wine bath” experience is one that you will never forget!

Snakes and Lattes
Boardgames & fun!

Garfield Park Conservatory

The Catcade (Cat Arcade!)

Shopping date on Magnificent Mile

Emporium Arcade Bar

Chicago History Museum
Let’s learn more about how this beautiful city came to be.

Biking Adventure
Shall we ride the lakeshore bike path or find a good trail for mountain biking? Check out this link for biking path information.

Painting with a Twist
Let’s get “hands on” with art!

Dance Class
I’ve never taken a dance class before, but doesn’t this sound like a lovely thing to try together?

Rock Climbing

Boating on the lakefront
Let’s spend a magical afternoon together,.

Book store date 📚
Myopic Books
is my favorite so far, but I’ve heard amazing things about Quimby’s from Nora Volta.

Second City comedy show

My favorite chicago restaurants

Favorite Chicago Restaurants

Here is a list of culinary establishments I would love to visit with you. By no means is this list complete! I invite you to surprise me with an experience at your favorite restaurant and maybe it will become mine too.

One of my favorite ways to connect is over a nice meal. The quantity and quality of Chicago restaurants are in a class of their own; this is one of my favorite things about living in this city. Spending time in the many Michelin starred restaurants here has been a particular pleasure, I aspire to try them all. 

Find the official list here.

my personal favorites

My personal Favorites

My michelin wishList

My Michelin Wishlist

These are the Michelin Guide restaurants I particularly want to try, that I haven’t yet had the pleasure.

Tried & True Faves

Tried & True Favorites

Of course, the Chicago restaurant scene is more than Michelin stars. These are some of my other favorite restaurants 🙂 I would always love to join you at your favorite restaurant. If it doesn’t yet make my list!

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