P's & Q's

Please make sure to read through all of the details to learn about etiquette expectations & more helpful tips. Needless to say, good manners are very attractive.

I am always excited to meet new people. Whether this will be your first entry into this world  (welcome!) or you have met another companion, rest assured our time together will result in special memories. Please review my website in entirety prior to submitting out your inquiry. You will quickly find that my assistant is amazing at coordinating logistics for our time together. Since my schedule is limited, submitting your inquiry in advance is strongly recommended. As screening is both mandatory and non-negotiable, please be a gentleman and complete the booking form in full (this includes attaching requested documents, if requested). My booking form can be found HERE. Your cooperation will make the verification process an easy one for both sides. 

P.S. My favorite part of receiving an inquiry is reading your introduction. As Madison Winter reminds us, this is a date, after all!

If we have met before, you are welcome to connect via email directly: [email protected]. Don’t forget to include requested date or days, times, and location. I look forward to deepening our existing connection.

As always, all email communications should be professional. Please refrain from explicit language at all times.

The Pandemic Updates

Finally, we can once again see each other and go out like normal! Well, sort of; I don’t know when everything will truly go back to normal, but at least now we can get together again and talk about all the craziness going on (or we can deliberately not talk about it, and escape into a fantasy where the world is normal). Either way, we can finally spend some quality time together again! Maybe we can have coffee? Thanks to Kurumi Gray, I recently heard of an awesome arcade with cats, maybe we can check it out? We certainly need to go out to some restaurants, I vote for breakfast food! Even if we decide to stay in, just spending time together will be a welcome improvement.

With all this craziness going on in the world right now, we all need a little extra R and R, and relaxing is better together. Let’s plan something NOW. Click here to get started

The Important details:

I am happy to inform you that I am fully vaccinated. I appreciate you still disclosing any recent travel and health concerns. I want to make a point to continue to prioritize health and safety. If you think you are unwell before a date, please make sure to let me know so that we can reschedule.

I am attracted to a wide range of individuals. As a true bisexual, I welcome dates with men *and* women.. Speaking of women, I LOVE duos – best of both worlds! If a party of three is also your cup of tea,  you’ll definitely want to check out my girlfriends page 😉 I also love connecting with couples. Please reference my investment section as an extra fee will apply for couples.

Communication is fundamental to a beautiful connection. I want to hear all about what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about. Establishing boundaries is also essential. These discussions are best left to when we meet or when we have established a rapport via text message. Check out this article by one of my beautiful girlfriends, Parker Westwood. From me, you can expect kind, discreet and straightforward communications; I expect nothing less than the same in turn.

Basic etiquette includes discretion, manners and good hygiene – this is a mutual expectation. Beyond the basics, I love when we can share openly about wants and desires, this enables us to build a genuine connection.

Tipping is never expected but always sexy. Don’t want to show up empty-handed? Morning coffee (vanilla latte to be specific) is a definite winner!. Want to send a special something to show me you are thinking of me? Or just feel like making my day? Check out my Wishlist for gift ideas.

I am happy to host upon request. I have a lovely location downtown that we can meet at. Alternatively, I can meet you at a nice hotel (4 star minimum). I do require a travel stipend for any outcalls located outside of the loop. Please note that I do not meet at private residences.

I do not participate in reviews. I know that reflection through writing can be valuable, so I would be very happy to receive your feedback directly; however, I respectfully request you refrain from any public discussion of our date.