Now that you’ve read through my website and are ready to get together, please write me a love letter using the form at the bottom of this page so we can set up a date!

In your message, make sure to include all the important details explained in the list below. After receiving your message, my wonderful assistant will email you on how to finalize our date. Don’t forget to be polite and professional in your emails, we will do the same. Professionalism is important to me, particularly when it comes to privacy. I assure you the information you share is kept safe and confidential.

You can expect a timely response via email to the address you specify.

Required Details

Name – First and last name matching your state ID

Email Address – Email will always be my primary method of communication

Cell Phone Number – Please provide a phone number that I may use to coordinate with you on the day of our appointment. I will never text without emailing first to obtain permission; however, if you have restrictions or concerns regarding phone use, please be sure to specify those for me.

Date of Birth

Physical Description – Height, Weight, Body Type, Etc., More is Better Here

Employment Information – Company name, website and position title 

Requested Date and Time – Due to my limited availability, I recommend indicating a few options that will work for you. I will always do my very best to accommodate your first preference of course! 

Desired Length of Appointment – Please note that longer bookings do receive priority 

Incall/Outcall Preference – Please reference my P’s & Q’s page for more details. 

References – Please include the name and email (please no phone numbers) of 2-3 ladies whom you have seen within the past 6 months. Please note: I do not accept agencies as references. Please also include your p411 ID, if you have one. If you do not have references, no worries! I will respond with the additional details needed for verification. 

Personal Note – please use this area to introduce yourself. It’s always a pleasure to be acquainted with my suitors from the get-go. As Madison Winter put it, this is a date, after all! 

Anything else you want me to know? – Please be professional; I do not respond to any explicit or otherwise inappropriate inquiries. Feel free to include appropriate requests, other important information (such as relevant medical information), or even a joke if you feel like it! Example “I love heels” “Please wear yoga pants” “Genuine connection is very important to me” “Why doesn’t the sun go to college? It has a million degrees” “Please wear red”.

General Information

Employment Information

Companion References

If you do not have references, please skip this section and I will be in touch with additional verification needs.

Appointment Details

Getting Acquainted