Welcome me to Chicago!

Help me get to know this beautiful city.

Chicago and I are becoming very good friends, so much so that I decided to move there. I figure this also means I need to dedicate a whole page to Chicago shenanigans.

Since I am new to Chicago, I don’t yet know all the coolest local spots – I haven’t even done any of the touristy stuff yet. I need someone to show me around! I would love to have you introduce me to your favorite places in the city, we could go to your favorite restaurant or try your favorite activity.

Let’s get together, and bond over something fun too!

My Top To-Do List

Ultimate #1:

Aire Ancient Baths Spa

I have heard some really, really lovely things about this spa. I really love being in the water.

#1 Restaurant:


This modern, “unconventional” restaurant turns dining into a true experience. Are you ready?

#1 Cultural Activity:

Field Museum of Natural History

I haven’t gotten to see any of Chicago’s museums yet.

Runners-up: Chicago History Museum & the Art Institute of Chicago.

#1 Exploration:

Chicago Architecture River Cruise

This sounds like a super fun way to learn about the city.

#1 Adventure:

I Fly World indoor skydiving

Who else is up for the challenge?

#1 Field Trip:

Garfield Park Conservatory

Called “landscape art under glass”, GPC looks like an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

I'm a Foodie

One of my favorite ways to connect is over a nice meal. Here is a list of culinary establishments I would love to visit with you. By no means is this list complete! I invite you to surprise me with an experience at your favorite restaurant and maybe it will become mine too. 


(Quite possibly my favorite meal of all)

The Little Goat Diner

I’m a huge fan! The pancakes are always mouthwateringly unique, and the ever-changing menu never ceases to delight.

Pierrot Gourmet at the Peninsula

The brunch at this European style restaurant has come highly recommended. Shall we try it together?

3 Arts Club Cafe

This place was recommended to me for its excellent brunch, coffee and ambiance. Plus, it also has a wine bar; this place really seems to have everything.

The Signature Room

For a really spectacular view, we should check this one out, it’s located at the top of the Hancock building. It’s known for cocktails and dessert too, so remind me to save room for a sweet indulgence!


The Girl and the Goat

I love this spot so much, repeat visits are a MUST! This place creates innovative and delicious small plates amidst a uniquely dramatic and romantic setting.


Several friends have highly recommended this Lincoln Park establishment. Reviews suggest this is a fantastic choice for an intimate, romantic dinner.

Cherry Circle Room

This James-Beard award-winning place is both upscale and oozing with sensuality. If you also like modern American cuisine, this may be the perfect selection.

Blue Door Kitchen and Garden

This cute little spot has a lovely outdoor dining section, it’s also a great lunch spot.

Siena Tavern

When I am craving Italian food, Sienna is my personal go-to. Is it a favorite of yours too?

More than a meal

Let's get moving!

I enjoy both the finer things in life and the simple things, I consider myself to be adventurous and outdoorsy. Really, I just love new experiences with good company. It will be easy to find something we can both enjoy together! Here is a list of ideas to get the imagination running!

Some things I would love to do together:

Some fun outdoors:

Minigolf? Kayaking? Take me to a driving range? Biking through Grant Park? Even just strolling around the city can be lovely!

Want to workout together? How about we go to the gym, or maybe a spinning class?

Yoga classes can be a lot of fun together too. I’ll be sure to stretch you out after 😉

Maybe something more lowkey? Netflix & chill? A drive-in movie?

I’ve never been to a comedy club, nor have I ever seen a ballet 😲 I haven’t been to a play in forever. Let’s change this

I love dancing! Maybe one day we will be able to go out again, getting sexy at a nightclub, and dancing the night away to the latest music.